Shed the Kilos with Hypnosis Therapy for Weight Loss


Life is all about making choices, and the fact that you are reading this says that you have just made an important one.

You’ve decided to take a careful look at using the immense power of hypnosis to trounce, once and forever, an old enemy: fat.

Maybe you’ve been fighting the kilos all your life, and trying diets, and exercise, and weight pills, and wishful thinking, trying to get the weight off. Sometimes you managed to lose a few kilos, or even a lot of kilos, only to see it coming back again.

It could be that the weight has crept up as you got older, and you didn’t even realise it until you had trouble getting into your pants.

Or it could be that you were fine until that first baby, when the weight piled on, and now it just won’t go away.

It might be that your eating is under control until you’re stressed out, and then you binge eat because that makes the stress go away temporarily — but your life has become more stressful, and so it happens more often. In fact, maybe now you’ve reached the point where even looking in the mirror is stressful, and so, guess what? You eat. Then, of course, you are disappointed in yourself, and that’s stressful, too, and so you eat some more.

You are not alone. Obesity is a growing problem, all over the world. It’s as if a great wave of fat is sweeping more and more people away.

You don’t have to be one of those people. The power of hypnosis therapy for weight loss offers you a way out of that wave. Hypnosis offers you tools to develop your willpower — or even more importantly, when it comes to over-eating, your won’t power. Hypnosis offers you ways of looking at yourself differently and building your self-confidence. Working with a skilled hypnotherapist, you can open doors into your unconscious mind to find and neutralise old habits and hurts that trigger your eating.

Even before you make your first appointment with the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic, there are some preparatory steps you can take.

You can stop counting calories. One important rule of weight loss is to eat only when you are hungry, and only real food — not junk food. The problem is that most problem eaters can’t tell the difference between true hunger and stress-related cravings. The Weight Loss Program at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic will teach you how to make that distinction. In the meantime, go ahead and toss that calorie book.

Make a list for grocery shopping. You more than likely know what food is good for you and what is bad. Put only the good stuff on the list, and then only buy what you have on that list. One of the really sinister aspects of modern supermarkets is that food is everywhere, and the stores place the worst stuff in strategic locations to tempt you to buy on impulse. Stick to that list.

Every time you shop and succeed in sticking to the list, put a dollar — more if you can afford to — in a savings jar. Every time you look in that jar, as the dollars add up, you will feel good about yourself.

Every time you have a craving to eat something extra, and resist it, put another dollar in the jar. Cravings are funny things. When you give into them, they get stronger. When you resist them, they get weaker.

Don’t mix eating with other things. Don’t watch television, or read a book, or chat on the telephone. Mixing eating with other activities is strongly associated with overeating.

If there was a period in your life when you felt good about your weight and appearance, and you have photos of what you looked like them, get them out and put them where you will see them every day. Then, every time you look at one of them, tell yourself, “I will look like that again.” It’s a psychological reality that when you say something often enough, it becomes the truth.

These simple steps can help you take the first steps toward discovering how to lose weight with hypnotherapy.

The Hypnosis Therapy Clinic Weight Loss Program

This is not a single-day, one-shot deal. Hypnosis is powerful and effective, but it is not magic. Your hypnotherapist will schedule your sessions, with enough space in between each one to allow you time to digest and integrate the things you learn.

In those weight loss hypnosis program sessions, you will come to understand the emotional triggers that lead you to eat compulsively or excessively.

You will develop hypnotic skills that will allow you to neutralise those triggers.

You will learn more clearly how to eat well, and what foods to avoid or minimise.

You will learn about proper exercise, and be able to use hypnosis to help you stick with the exercise you need.

Although getting your weight right takes time, you will start feeling better about yourself early on, and by the time your weight loss program is done, you will begin to see the results in the mirror, and feel them in a gradually increasing lightness in your step.

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