Our Brisbane Hypnotherapy Clinic Offers Effective Treatment for Those Who Wish to Successfully Quit Smoking


When it comes to treating certain behaviours or habits, hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective. With a highly trained hypnotherapist, every session can yield significant results so that negative or destructive habits can be addressed and resolved sooner, and will have a low likelihood of recurring.

Among the habits treated effectively by hypnotherapy is smoking, which is something that a lot of people claim to struggle with due to their lack of willpower and constant exposure to temptation. Our Brisbane Hypnosis Therapy Clinic (Level 1,
150 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000) offers a complete Quit Smoking Program

Our Brisbane Hypnosis Therapy Clinic is open, four days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), starting at 10 in the morning, for people who want to permanently kick their smoking habit.

As proven by countless studies and by our very own clients in Brisbane, hypnosis can deliver positive results in transforming the state of mind of smokers by presenting other foci for them to direct their attention and energy to. The change in thought process leads to the reduction of (and even the complete opposite reaction to) the original physical desire to smoke.

For example, our clinic applies the Herbert Spiegel’s method, wherein hypnosis concentrates on three important ideas: that (1) smoking introduces poison to the body, (2) smoking messes up health (and good health is important in maintaining good quality of life), and (3) the body is sacred and smoking is a form of disrespect toward the body (and this body must be protected).

These ideas are used to overtake the physical craving to smoke. Apart from this, the sessions teach patients affirmations for self-hypnosis so every time cravings occur, they can regain control over the situation and avoid caving into the desire to light a stick.

Overall, hypnosis works as a great treatment for smokers because it’s focused on the right ideas that empower them to take control of their health and their life. Not only that, hypnosis makes sure that these positive ideas dominate for successful behaviour modification.

So, if you’ve already tried a variety of methods to quit smoking but were disappointed with the results, consider hypnosis. There’s no discounting the success many have had with it, and our Brisbane hypnotherapy clinic can line you up for sessions so you can successfully quit and live a healthier life. We do not only treat smoking — we can also help with:

  • Drinking problems and other types of substance abuse;
  • Destructive gambling;
  • Chronic pain management;
  • Weight disorders and weight management;
  • Stress and stress related disorders, and
  • Confidence issues, especially among young people.

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