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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Do you want to want to quit smoking?

Have you tried to quit before and feel like it’s impossible?

Are you curious about ‘stop smoking hypnosis’?

Many people understand that cigarette smoking is most probably perpetuated by a chemical dependency. However, for many individuals, the addiction to smoking cigarettes can stem from so much more than pure nicotine dependence.

While smoking can often start as a social activity, soon smokers can find that simple everyday tasks like having a cup of coffee, relaxing after a meal, or driving the car may become intrinsically linked to cigarettes.

As smokers, even our identity can become linked to cigarettes and after a while they may feel like they become part of us – a part we would love to shed but don’t know how.

The beauty of quit smoking hypnosis is that it can help to tackle the triggers and underlying emotional issues that may be keep you smoking, allowing you a potentially greater chance of quitting.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Because we offer a holistic approach in our Quit Smoking Program that addresses the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of your addiction, we would love to help you on your quit smoking journey.*

What Does Quit Smoking Hypnosis Involve?

At The Hypnosis Therapy Clinic, our “Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program” combines hypnotic suggestion and instructions with a very specific learning and accountability program.

“We do not offer a generic “one-size-fits-all-just-listen-to-this-recording” program.

“Your sessions will be customised and tailored for you, targeted to meet your specific needs and requirements.


The 3 Steps to Freedom: What to Expect from Each Session


The First Hypnotherapy for Smoking Session: Getting the Tools to Stop

To start with, we will walk you through a very thorough assessment of your tobacco dependency. It’s vital that we find out the who, what, when, where, why and how of your reliance on cigarettes so that your sessions can target your unique triggers and motivations.

Once we know where you’re starting from, we work with you to define where exactly you want to end up.

With a very clear desired outcome in mind, we then look at any obstacles or challenges we might face on our journey, helping you stop smoking. At this point, we also talk you through any concerns you may have about the quit smoking hypnosis journey you’re about to embark on.

We will then guide you through a relaxing hypnosis session. This session is designed to help reprogram and update your unconscious habits and remove associations with cigarettes, replacing them with more positive, healthy and life-giving behaviours and urges*.

The Second Hypnotherapy for Smoking Session: The “Change-Work Session”

During your second session, we discuss any difficulties you may have had since the first time we met and reaffirm your decision to stop smoking.

We will then work together to develop a second quit smoking hypnosis session that concentrates on any issues you may still be concerned about. These problems could be anything from social pressure to smoke from family, friends or colleagues, through to overcoming small cravings, weight gain apprehensions or any other potential difficulties.

 The Third Hypnotherapy for Smoking Session: Follow-up (Optional)

Many of our clients prefer to schedule a “tune-up” session within 90 days of completing their initial sessions.

This follow-up session can be used to:

  • Concentrate on relapse prevention: Sometimes our clients have had success with quitting smoking but have trouble believing it will last. We help them tackle ongoing difficulties or anxieties so they can relax knowing they’ve succeeded in their goal and are no longer a smoker*!
  • Discuss the ways that hypnosis can help with other issues: Many clients come back to discuss how hypnosis can help them achieve other goals like weight loss, reduced stress or improved confidence.


Invest in Yourself:

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Our 5 Stages of Change Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program
is provided over 3 sessions.

* The Journal of Applied Psychology Vol 77(4), Aug 1992, 554-561


Last updated: August 9th 2016

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