Hypnosis To Stop Drinking

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking!
Hypnosis To Stop Drinking!

Control or Quit Drinking with Hypnosis

The fact that you are reading this says you have at least begun to wonder if you have a problem with alcohol and drinking.

Maybe something major grabbed your attention. You got arrested for drinking and driving, or had an accident that wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t had one too many.

Perhaps, even though you’re a peaceable person most of the time, your friends and family stay away from you when you’ve been drinking, because you’re an angry drunk.

Might be, you’ve been threatened with the loss of your job, or even lost it, because even though you never miss a day of work, your hangovers keep you from getting that job done.

Could be that you woke up the morning after a big weekend and couldn’t remember what had happened—and that wasn’t the first time.

Maybe your family and friends have let you know they are worried about your drinking.

Or maybe you are just beginning to have an inkling that your alcohol use has gone from “social” to something beyond that, and it is getting in the way of having the kind of life you want to have, and know you can have.

A Gradual, Creeping Threat

If you are like a lot of people who turn to the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic when they need help for their drinking problem, you avoided confronting the issue for a long time because, you told yourself, “I’m not an alcoholic.”

And that’s fine. Forget that label. Labels don’t matter. The vast majority of people who get into trouble with alcohol and drinking would not be classified as alcoholics. What matters is whether your drinking is causing you problems. If it is, then you have a drinking problem.

That means you have a life problem, and when you look at things honestly, you know that problem has been around for a while. It didn’t start yesterday.

Rest assured that you are absolutely not alone.

Excessive alcohol use costs Australians just about $36 billion a year. You read that right. Billion! At least three thousand Australians die every year, and thousands more are hospitalized, from alcohol-related causes—accidents, illnesses and suicide top the list.

On top of that there are the thousands of husbands, and wives, and children who have their lives messed up because they have a problem drinker in the family. So add intense emotional pain to the physical and financial damage.

Alcohol abuse is a gradual thing. It starts small, and then it grows. Think of it as a road. Maybe the first part of that road is just a footpath, an enjoyable one, because after all, a drink or two can be a nice thing at the end of the day. But then that footpath widens into a graveled country lane, and the country lane becomes a paved road. And toward the end, that paved road transmutes itself into a superhighway littered with beer cans, whiskey bottles, car wrecks, loss of family and friends, disease, and finally death.

The Hypnosis Exit Ramp to Health

If you are anywhere along that road, you can get off. Right in front of you there is an exit ramp. It’s called hypnosis.

Whether you decide that you need to stop drinking altogether, of just get things under control so that you can enjoy having a friendly libation with your friends and family, you will find the help you need using the powerful hypnotic tools that will be at your disposal at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic.

Sometimes particular situations—at work, at home, at school, or somewhere else—can trigger a craving to drink. The professionals at the clinic will help you identify those situations and come up with strategies to neutralize them.

The work you do at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic will also give you the tools you need so that even when those cravings pop up, you will be able to slap them right down again; and every time you do that, they will get weaker and weaker. Eventually, they will disappear from your life.

Sometimes powerful feelings can overwhelm you. Maybe you are angry, or sad, or frightened because of something going on in your life—of perhaps because of something that happened in your childhood that keeps coming back to bite you. The work you do at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic will allow you to go as deep inside yourself as you need to, so that you can confront those feelings, and use the power of hypnosis to neutralize them.

One of the things you will discover during your sessions with the skilled professionals at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic is that you have many more strengths and abilities than you ever knew. You were born with them. In some cases, you may have not have been allowed to develop them properly. Or you may have been told they were useless, or even bad, and punished for having them. But they are there, deep inside, and the power of hypnosis will help you get back in touch with them and use them to be the strong, happy person you always knew you could be.

After your initial session at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic we will evaluate your needs and tell you in detail just how we will be able to help you. If you decide hypnosis is not for you, we will happily refund your fee and send you on your way with our best wishes.

But our bet is that you will stick with the program, because hypnosis is a powerful tool. It works, and you will learn to use it. You may need more time, or less time, but with the hypnotic skills and the skills you learn to use at the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic you will be on your way to a life where you are the boss, not alcohol.

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