Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Do you find yourself wanting to change?

Do you know you are capable of changing and yet you find yourself remaining “stuck”?

Are you prepared to break through, overcome all challenges, and find success?

You are reading this because you, or someone you care about, is looking to improve, remove, or change something. Maybe it is something you or they have struggled with for years, and even tried getting help with before. If that is the case, maybe you should consider using some new tools for the job.

Hypnosis and Psychotherapy are very efficient, effective modalities for helping people improve their quality of life.

The Hypnosis Therapy Clinic can help you find solutions to a broad variety of problems. We concentrate on assisting you to meet your needs and achieve your goals and objectives quickly, utilising the tried and tested techniques of clinical hypnosis. Hypnosis is one method that helps you develop a mindset that is capable of developing healthy habits and break old destructive patterns and create brand-new routines.

We offer Solution-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, designed to help take you to the next level of personal achievement.

It’s easy to identify a problem, the real job is to figure out a practical solution. Private hypnosis sessions with Sally are about exactly that. Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy is designed to improve your total quality of life while helping you achieve your desired outcome, rather than chasing symptoms around.

Reach, Achieve and Surpass your goals and objectives, inspite of previous failures

Update your unconscious habits to alter your behaviours

Establish brand-new attitudes and mindsets that improve the quality of your life

Every session is customized to your needs, requests, and resources on that given day while still keeping the big picture in mind. If you want to come in twice a week or twice a year, Sally can work with you to help find your success. All sessions are completely confidential and discrete. Sally is very comfortable working in conjunction and communicating with your other medical and health care providers.

It’s Time To Use A Scientifically Proven Method!
A Modern Scientifically Proven Method!


Used Hypnosis For Weight Loss and lost the weight that keeps you from optimal health?

Used our Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program and stopped smoking ?

Used Hypnotherapy For Anxiety and overcame fears and phobias?

Research studies done by renowned universities around the world reveal impressive results in areas like discomfort and pain management, surgical and medical recovery and recuperation, permanent weight loss, cigarette and marijuana smoking cessation and lots of other areas of life. Hypnosis is made use of by professionals, any smart athlete seeking peak performance from  high school students to gold winning olympic athletes. Hypnosis can assist an individual reduce and stop unnecessary worries and fears and is used to promote relaxation, peace, calmness and comfort.

Hypnosis Therapy Clinic is THE Solution-Focused choice! 
Our Hypnosis Programs are provided over
3, 6 or 9 Sessions.

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