Quit For Life

To Quit For Life A Mind Shift Is Needed.
To Quit For Life A Mind Shift Is Needed.

What helps people quit smoking is a ‘mind shift’; a new insight that is so powerful and stable, that it doesn’t allow the old habitual behaviour to persist.

One basic ‘principle’ that operates consistently in our life says that; “People make the best choices available to them – given their understanding of the situation”.

By ‘choices’ we mean ‘unconscious choices’, not conscious, intellectual, thought based choices. We make a lot of ‘unconscious choices’ each and every day, and every such choice is a ‘no-brainer’ – it always seems like the best idea at the time, due to our understanding of the situation. Smoking operates on the same principle.

People choose to continue to smoke, every time they choose to light up. They’re choosing to light up because they think – deep down, on the subconscious level – that this is the best thing for them.

They may intellectually know that it damages your lungs, heart, vascular system and brain. They may intellectually know it costs a lot of money. They may know it shortens their life. They may know it has all these health consequences and financial consequences.

They know all those facts intellectually, but deep down (in the subconscious mind), they’re still choosing to light up that cigarette, because they think that it’s going do something useful or important for them. There is something they subconsciously want from smoking – something they believe they get from smoking.

All smokers believe that the cigarette is doing something for them, but it doesn’t. They think it is, because they’re caught in a smoker’s trap.

As long as they think it’s doing something for them – the subconscious choice to smoke is a no-brainer.

They may struggle with themselves, because of the conflict between their conscious and subconscious ports of their mind.

Consciously they may think; “I shouldn’t smoke” or “I mustn’t smoke” or “it’s bad” for me. But deep down, in their subconscious mind, it’s a no-brainer. That’s the choice that makes the most sense in the moment. They believe that’s the thing that’s going bring them the most fulfillment, the most well-being and pleasure…

And as long as the person believes that – they’re likely to remain a smoker.

What is needed here is a ‘change of mind’ – a sudden realization, a shift in outlook, a shift in perspective.

It requires them to see smoking in a very different way; realizing that what they thought was true about smoking isn’t true at all.

It requires a shift of understandings at a deep level, because when you shift the understandings at that level, then the choice shifts. Non-smoking becomes an obvious choice.

People make the best choices available to them, given their understanding of the situation. It becomes a no-brainer to ‘not smoke’, to stay away from the cigarettes.

Now, they realised that everything they thought they were getting from the cigarettes, they’re now getting from them. Whatever they’re getting, doesn’t really come from the cigarettes – it comes from other sources.

In fact smoking robs people of all of those things and tricks them into thinking the very opposite of the truth. That’s how the psychology or the ‘mindset’ of a smoker works.

So, until the smoker has a ‘shift’ of mind – they’ll be unable to quit.

But, when the real change of understanding accurse – and ‘mind-shift’ takes place – they are empowered to make a new choice in their life – and that choice to not smoke will be a ‘no-brainer’. So, they naturally move from being a ‘smoker’, to being a ‘non-smoker’.

Now, when we understand the psychology and the principles of how the smoking trap works – how the psychological trap fits with the physiological addiction trap – we can clearly see the way out of the trap.

(The physiological addiction trap isn’t a major part of the ‘smoking trap’, but it plays a small role and it needs to be understood.)

When we understand how all of this works, we can open your client’s eyes. We can wake them up from the old hypnosis that has kept them smoking. Few people realise it, but there’s a massive component of ‘self-hypnosis’ that keeps people smoking.

When we wake people up from that ‘smoking trance’ and they see it with new eyes – everything shifts and changes – they naturally move from being a ‘smoker’, to being a ‘non-smoker’.


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