Quit Smoking Program Stage 5 – ANCHORING

Stages-of-Quitting-Smoking-Stage-5-AnchoringAt this stage you are encouraged to use the ‘Self-Hypnosis Program’ for the 30 days following the Clinical Hypnosis ‘Quit Smoking Program’, in order firmly establish the habits and a lifestyle of a non-smoker.

When you smoke, the nicotine in your system interferes with the normal function of the hormonal system and forces the body to create ‘artificial balance’ compensating for the presence of the nicotine. It takes about 21 – 28 days for the body to return to natural, balanced function. During that period of time there are often present the ‘healing symptoms’ which are mistaken for a ‘withdrawal symptoms’ and some clients can be tempted light a cigarette to stop those healing symptoms.

Our ‘Self-Hypnosis Program’ is designed to strengthen the resolve to prevent relapse.

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