Understanding Required For Smoking Cessation

A Clear Understanding Is Required For Smoking Cessation.
A Clear Understanding Is Required For Smoking Cessation.

Now, when we are talking about understanding, we are talking about psycho-education. Psycho-education can help explain the mechanism of what is going on, when people are caught in the ‘smoking trap’.

The ‘smoking trap’ is a physiological and psychological trap – and it works in a particular way to keep people caught in the cycle/spiral of nicotine addiction.

The two thing you need to know to get a clear understanding:

  • You need to know that you’re caught in a nicotine trap.
  • You need to know how the trap is constructed and how it operates.

When you know you’re in a trap and you know how the trap is constructed, how it works – then you are able to make some different choices and escape this trap.

The fundamental presupposition of our psycho-education is that:

“People make the best choices available to them – given their understanding of the situation.”

People make a choice to smoke (subconsciously) every time they pick up a cigarette and light it. Sometimes it may be a conscious choice, but most of the time it’s an unconscious choice.

The smoker is not even aware that a choice is being made outside of consciousness, by their subconscious mind. They’re just lighting it up.

So, we can say that every time they smoke – it’s a choice to smoke. Whether it’s a conscious or an unconscious choice; it’s always a choice.


Most of the time that they’re lighting up a cigarette – it’s a no-brainer. Unconsciously, it seems to them like the most obviously useful thing to do at that time – and that’s why they’re doing it.

They’re making the best choice available to them – which is to light a cigarette – given their understanding of themselves and of the situation.

However, most people’s understanding of smoking and their relationship with cigarettes is all messed up and confused. Their miss-understanding of why they are actually smoking is a big part of what keeps them trapped inside of this smoking addiction cycle.

Some people do manage to escape it anyway, they just bust out with pure will power and readiness – but, eventually the do get caught back in this trap (often after years of not smoking), because they did not understand the nature of this trap and stepped right back into it.

The better you understand how this ‘trap’ works, the easier it is to just walk out – and not get caught in it again. That’s the only way to be sure you’ll never smoke again.

Fortunately, when you have a clear understanding of how it worksit’s a short path out of that trap.

Our job is to help clients see the trap, understand the trap – and guide them through this very short path out of the trap.

When they follow our ‘quit smoking processes – the path out of the trap is likely to be seen.

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