Can Hypnosis Really Help With Depression?

Did you know that depressed people dream almost 3 times more than they would if they weren’t depressed? This is because of unfulfilled emotional expectations. When you are depressed and anxious about something, you tend to ruminate and this leads to increase in dreams.

Dreaming happens during the REM state of sleep. High levels of REM can lead to exhaustion because of overwhelming orientation responses. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is also used up as you dream. Serotonin can affect mood, social behavior, and cognitive functions including learning and memory.

A depressed person will unfortunately wake up really exhausted because of high levels of REM activity, lack of deep restorative sleep, and the associated depletion of serotonin. When you’re exhausted, you’re more inclined to think in black and white. This leads to more negative rumination and consequent overdreaming. Depression is a vicious cycle. If you do not take active measures to combat depression, it can significantly affect the quality of your life.

Treating Depression: What Works?

Research on depression shows that the way you perceive depression, or what you actually think it means, plays a crucial role in the efficacy of the treatments that are undertaken.

Millions of people around the world take antidepressants to treat depression. They’re often the first treatment option that is prescribed by health professionals. But antidepressants treat only the symptom of depression rather than the root cause. This means that antidepressants will be effective only in some cases, and that rate of relapse will be quite high. Also for many people, the side effects of the medicine are more unpleasant than the actual depression itself. This will cause them to discontinue the treatment altogether.

The good news is that it is possible to beat depression through hypnosis, with the help of a competent hypnotherapist.

The conscious mind is only about 10% of our thoughts, the rest are subconscious. During hypnotherapy, you get in touch with the subconscious thoughts that you have. People often have unfinished business with whatever they have lost – a loved one, a home, or a job. A lot of these unresolved feelings, regrets, resentments, guilt, anger, jealousy, blame, and fear are stored in the subconscious mind. They are triggered whenever a stressful event occurs. Hypnotherapy for depression works because it will remove the underlying basis for the depression. It will help complete the unfinished business which would otherwise continue to recycle in your head as self-sabotaging thoughts and corresponding behaviors.

Hypnotherapy will let you access the deepest layer of all the traumatic experiences, emotions, and memories that you have stored in your mind. Once they are released from your mind and body, you will feel your depression lifting. You will be able to stop the compulsive behaviors and thoughts. Hypnosis with the help of a competent hypnotherapist will make you ready to resume living your life again.

Every healing session of hypnotherapy will replace fearful, depressing, and repetitive thoughts that haunt you after traumatic experiences. After these negative thoughts have been successfully released from the mind, positive affirmations will work because of the emotional release that has been accomplished.

Hypnosis is an effective way to enhance an individual’s ability to affect the mind and body. By releasing self-sabotaging thoughts, you can use hypnotic suggestibility to improve the functioning of the body. Hypnosis can help correct restless sleep, chronic pain, headaches, chronic depression, and many other conditions.

If you are suffering from depression, try a hypnosis session today.

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