Can Hypnosis Help With Anxiety?

Consider a fearful situation that you could possibly be in. Public speaking is one of the most terrifying things for most people. Let’s say you have been invited to speak in front of a hundred people.

Imagine this: you’re in front of a hall full of people. They’re looking at you, waiting for you to say something profound or interesting. You wilt under their intense scrutiny. You forget everything that you had practised. You can hardly read the notes in your hand. You cannot get a single word out of your mouth, and you shamefully exit the stage.

This is what most people would imagine after they accept an invitation for a speech. These thoughts will trigger your imagination and cause a great deal of anxiety.

But when you actually get on the stage, you may end up giving a reasonably good speech.  Then why did you get worked up before the actual event? It’s because your imagination can really torment you and make you believe that you’re actually experiencing what you’re thinking.

Fear needs a channel to flow down. If nothing life-threatening is happening when you’re feeling fearful, your imagination will create a channel for the fear to pass through. Even if there is no evidence of any threat, count on your imagination to quickly fabricate something which will justify the sensation of fear.

In a fearful state, all inputs from your imagination are taken as solid evidence. Fear or anxiety will cause you to make up stuff and then actually believe it.

Hypnosis to Relieve Anxiety

Fear is essentially the misuse of imagination, when there is no immediate real danger. This is precisely why hypnosis can help. The best way to access your imagination is through hypnosis.

Fear can be a great motivator. But the thing is, it can actually motivate you away from things that may be good for you. Fear is like a dog that must be trained.

Your instincts will do as you teach them. They learn by what you actually do and the level of emotions that you feel when you’re doing something. They don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to fear. So they will just start fearing the situations that you imagine to be fearful.

If you actually repeatedly and calmly do something that is in fact a life-threatening, then your fear instinct may switch off around that particular activity. This is why people are able to consistently enjoy extreme sports and activities like skydiving. Imagine the sheer terror you would feel the very first time that you jump out of a plane. But if you consistently do that over a long period of time and train yourself to be calm when you do it, you will dissociate the fear instinct from the activity.

But you don’t even have to really do something to bring down your fear levels, you just have to imagine yourself doing it and then feel calm as you are imagining it. This will train your instincts to produce calmness when you really find yourself in the situation. The best way to accomplish this is by accessing your imagination during a hypnotic state. During hypnosis, you can get in touch with your subconscious mind and trying your fear instinct and anxiety.

Hypnosis will help you rehearse fearful situations ahead of time while feeling calm and relaxed. Over a few sessions, your instincts will learn how to remain calm even when fearful situation transpires.

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