Does Hypnosis Work?

My work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist is very satisfying, as I get the privilege of working with people that want  to change something in their lives, sometimes it’s helping them shift debilitating depression or sometimes it is achieving better exam results.

In fact there is never really a day that I get out of bed and think “Oh no :-(…, another boring day at work!” Each and every day is so different, every day brings many more new clients and many more new challenges that always make my days very interesting!

Many people also find my job fascinating and I am never short of anything to say when I am with friends or meeting new people as that age old question always arises about what I do! “Does Hypnosis really work?” I always laugh at this point and ask “Have you ever jumped whilst watching a scary movie? That’s hypnosis working! :-)”

I am always amazed, that people still don’t actually believe that Hypnosis can work. Are you sceptical? Are you one of those people that still believes that it sounds “Too good to be true?”

If you are then it might be time to spend a little time on the internet and doing some research,as you just might be missing out on something that you really need to give you the results that you want in your life. This page on Clinical Research into Hypnotherapy is as good a place to start as any, here you will find loads of research and evidence to suggest that Hypnosis does not belong in the land of fairytales and magic shows, but is actually a viable option to get you the life that you want and to help you to attain the things that you want to have.  Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to both exist and work!

One question I like to ask my clients is “What would you achieve if nothing was impossible?”. The reason that I ask this is because as we grow into adulthood we stop using our ability to set high ambitions like we did as children and we start to create limitations and reasons why we can’t achieve certain things. We actually begin to decide whether something is impossible or not, that’s right we actually set the limit on what is possible!

Hypnosis is a viable option to achieve your goals. So I want to ask you the question – what would you achieve if nothing was impossible? Would you quit smoking, lose weight, get more confidence, make more money, improve your relationship or deal with that stress? These are all things that people regularly use Hypnosis for.

The bottom line: Hypnosis works! Isn’t it time that you started to find out more information about how you can use it to improve your own life? You owe it to yourself!

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