Commit To Quit

Commit To Quit - Make It A Priority!
Commit To Quit – Make It A Priority!

Client’s commitment level may be high, but the priority level might be really low. The priority level indicates whether it’s worth their while to actually put energy and effort into it right now.

If client’s on a rather low priority level – that means that there are other things they need to deal with first. It would be pointless to start a ‘quit smoking’ process.

Obviously, the smoker who comes to see us consciously thinks that it’s a good idea not to smoke anymore. But on the subconscious level, there are many things that attract their attention more powerfully then the need to quit smoking (business problems, relationship problems, stress etc.), so they lack the energy required for that process. That will keep them trapped by smoking!

So unless you can make the smoker see through the psychological trick, that cigarette is doing something for them and they’re probably going to carry on smoking.

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