I Can’t Quit Smoking – Fear of Quitting

Fear Of Quitting
Fear Of Quitting

Sometimes clients fear stopping, because at the moment they think smoking’s doing something for them – it’s giving them something they need to function. They think it’s improving their wellbeing, so they are going to be happier with it. They think they can’t be happy without a cigarette.

They think they won’t be able to concentrate without a cigarette, because they believe cigarettes help them concentrate.

Some smokers say they don’t want to stop smoking because they fear they will get fat.

And it may be a genuine dilemma for that person, but it also might be an excuse. One of the things that smokers are good doing is finding excuses not to quit. They are deceiving themselves (and other people), not consciously, but unconsciously.

They think; “I’ve got to keep this belief, otherwise I have to look at something which is actually uncomfortable to look at; my status as an addict”.

That’s not a comfortable thing for people to look at. When they think of addicts, they think of drug addicts – those people who are injecting drugs in abandoned warehouses.

And they don’t associate themselves with drug addicts and drug addiction – so there’s a desire to explain nicotine addiction away, to give some kind of rational justifications for smoking.

And that is not good, because the reality is: when we understand reality and we align with it; reality supports us.

But, when we bury our head in the sand, when we struggle against reality, when we argue with reality; reality grinds us down. We often get a ‘reality slap’

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