Tools and Techniques Used During Quit Smoking Hypnosis Session

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Session Methods.
Quit Smoking Hypnosis Session Methods.

This can include stratedy plans as to what kind of clinical processes we intend to use. You might want to do different things with different clients that will create changes leading to smoking cessation.

You may decide how you’re going to work with the rebalancing sensations (cravings). People often call those rebalancing sensations ‘cravings’, but they are really rebalancing sensations as your body is becoming healthier, returning to a natural state of balance without the need to compensate for the presence of nicotine.

The body is simply rebalancing to its natural state of functionality which has been disrupted by ongoing smoking. So that’s actually what’s going on.

We decide what to do hypnotically to ‘modify’ how clients experience that sensation of ‘craving’.

We decide what to do hypnotically to ‘modify’ how clients responses those trigger situations or places they may associate with smoking. How you can re-pattern those and start breaking those anchors down.

It may be also include teaching the clients self-hypnosis protocols, they can use to deal within these sorts of things.

However, our most important tool is ‘hypnotic trance’, because the ‘quit smoking process’ is the process of learning new habits and new behaviours and hypnotic trance is naturally a state of most rapid learning. That’s why hypnosis is the most effective way to quit smoking.

One of the techniques we always use is Resourcing in hypnotherapy

Here we simply identify client’s strengths, skills and past experiences that we can bring into client’s awareness to strengthen their confidence and resolve to succeed.

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