An Effective Way To Eliminate Smoking Habits

Effective Way To Eliminate Smoking Habits - Change A Larger Chunk of your Habit Web!
Effective Way To Eliminate Smoking Habits – Change A Larger Chunk of your Habit Web!

All habits exist in ‘webs of habits’. What most people do is, they leave most of their ‘habit web’ in place and try to change one tiny aspect of it – smoking. But it’s actually much easier to change a larger chunk of your ‘habit web’, that only one habit.

They’ve done research to show that just by having people change large amounts of habitual behavior in their life – a never addressing diet – they lose a lot of weight. Just by changing other random habits that seemed to be dissociated. This particular research related to diet, but it’s true with any habits.

This probably happens, because it loosens up what’s been holding their old eating habits in place. It also enables that to change, without them putting a lot of focus or mental energy on it.

So, when we are doing smoking cessation work, we can add some extra things in. The reasons for it is that, the more things they’re doing that’s different in their life, the easier it is for them to transcend the old habits of smoking.

If you think about it, when people smoke, smoking becomes attached to so much of their standard life activities.

Often when people smoke; phones rings, they pick up the telephone and automatically light a cigarette. It’s incomprehensible to them to have a telephone conversation without smoking.

For some smokers it is very difficult to think about driving a car, or even turning the ignition on without lighting up first.

Finishing a meal; automatically lighting up and smoking

Many university students find writing essays without chain smoking impossible.

Heavy smoker usually have cigarettes on their bedside table; and light up automatically on awakening.

And this is true for quite a lot of smokers, it’s embedded everywhere.

So, smoking became embedded in so much of smokers’ life, that this habit is a very tricky thing to get rid, because it’s anchored to so many everyday things.

So the more of their life they’re living unconsciously, the more those old unconscious attachments and anchors are going to run.

But, by having smokers change more and more of their life consciously, the more difficult it is for all those unconscious behaviors to keep running. And they only need to stop running for a short time.

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