Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy - Focuses On Principles.
Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy – Focuses On Principles.

In good quality smoking cessation work, a hypnotist, is focusing on principles not on scripts. It seems that some people believe that there’s a hypnosis script or a hypnosis technique that when applied, will miraculously transform virtually all smokers into non-smokers. However, this is just not the case.

It would be nice if such a script/technique were out there, meaning that we wouldn’t really need to understand the psychology of smoking or learn a large number of hypnotic techniques and processes to help clients quit. We could just read this script or apply this technique and succeed every time if that were the case.

Well, the truth is that – as far as we know – such a script/technique does not exist.

By searching for that perfect script or technique or that perfect ‘process’, this is going to keep the hypnotist from doing the real, high quality ‘smoking cessation’ work.

The fact is, good quality hypnotherapy work is based upon an understanding of general psychological principles operating in hypnotherapy, an understanding of psychology and physiology of smoking addiction – because smoking is a little bit different from other addictions and it has its own unique qualities.

A high-quality professional hypnotherapist specializing in ‘quit smoking’ brings those understandings (and his/her unique set of tools and techniques) to a hypnosis session and adjusts them to the unique circumstances of the client he’s working with.

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