Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis…and Stumpy

Stopping Smoking With Hypnosis & Stumpy!
Stopping Smoking With Hypnosis & Stumpy!

When it comes to smoking in Australia, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that smoking is going down in Australia. Every year, fewer people are starting the habit, and more people are quitting. The laws are helping, too. In Queensland, certainly, it’s getting harder and harder to find a place where it’s legal to light up.

The bad news is that you’re still smoking, or someone you care about is still hooked on the habit, which is why you’re reading this right now, wondering if hypnosis will help.

Hypnosis has been shown to be a very effective weapon against the smoking habit, and the sessions offered by the Hypnosis Therapy Clinic have shown significant results. For many, it’s like magic. They go through the program and their smoking days are done. For others, it’s a little more work, and though success will come, it takes a little longer, because habits are stubborn beasts. They’re sort of like my dog, Stumpy.

Let me tell you about Stumpy. She’s a Stumpy Tail cattle dog. I’m not real creative about names, so I just stuck with Stumpy. Now, stumpy tails have a deserved reputation for being stubborn, and independent, and downright willful. They like their freedom, and they like to make their own decisions, so I knew I would have to get right at it when it came to training her.

The first thing I did was buy a collar. It was a pretty collar, with little rhinestones all around, but Stumpy was not impressed. When I tried to put it on her, she went bonkers, howling and ducking away, and doing everything she could to keep that collar off her neck. But I reminded myself that I was bigger, and stronger, and smarter, and more stubborn than she was, and I was determined to be the boss of her. So I didn’t give in, and after a while, she did and resigned herself to the collar.

Next it was time for a leash, and it was the same thing all over. But once again I was bigger, and stronger, and smarter, and more stubborn, and once again, she gave in.

Then it was time to go out the door, and guess what? Same struggle again.

In the end, though, Stumpy not only got used to the leash and collar and going out the door, she was happy about it. In fact now, when it’s time for her walk, she goes to the hook on the kitchen wall where her leash is hanging and gives a little bark to let me know she’s ready.

Your smoking habit is a lot like my Stumpy Tail cattle dog. It is stubborn, and willful, and wants to be the boss of you. Even after the very effective sessions you get at the Hypnosis Therapy Center, you may find the habit trying to come back. But you will have learned strategies and techniques you can use to beat the habit. Those techniques work for many people, and after all, you really are stronger, and smarter, and more stubborn than your smoking habit. Whenever the urge to light up comes along, you will be able to use the skills you learned in hypnosis to control it. Sooner or later, just like Stumpy, your smoking habit will acknowledge that you are the boss, and that will be that.

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