How Hypnosis from a Hypnotist Will Make Good Things Better

A great many people are aware of having hypnosis from a hypnotist as a way to help fix things that have gone wrong, to break bad habits, or combat anxiety, and that’s accurate as far as it goes.

But hypnosis is also a very effective tool to accomplish the positive, enhance abilities, and to do good things even better.

Take Andre Piccard. He’s an adventurer par excellence, which he comes by naturally—his grandfather was a balloonist and his father was an undersea explorer. He and British former RAF pilot Brian Jones made the first round-the-world journey in a balloon, almost forty-six thousand kilometers, in 1999. Now Piccard, along with fellow Swiss Andre Borschberg, are flying the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse around the world, with Piccard as the pilot for the leg from New York across the Atlantic Ocean, a journey of three or for days, non-stop.


How does a fellow stay focused for that length of time, make sure the sleep he gets is effective, and stay on his toes when he is awake? What’s his secret?

No big secret. In addition to being a pilot, Piccard is a psychiatrist and a clinical hypnotist, and he uses self-hypnosis to keep himself on top of things during the flight.

You probably aren’t planning a trip in a solar-powered airplane in the near future, but Piccard’s feat offers a really good example of a positive use of hypnosis—doing things you do on a regular basis, and doing them better.

Academic effort is a major area where hypnosis can make a difference. Almost any subject you are studying requires focus, concentration, and memorization. If you have developed skills at self-hypnosis, you will be able to improve your ability in all three areas, and the difference will definitely show up in your grades.

In the same way, athletic skills can get a solid boost from the use of a hypnotist. You will learn things faster, and be able to practice harder, longer, and more effectively. You will get that extra edge you need when you are competing. They always say practice makes perfect. Actually, only perfect practice makes perfect. And it is hypnosis that will make practice perfect.

The place to start, by the way, is with a professional clinical hypnotist or hypnotherapist. You could read a book, or buy a tape, but that will often just amount to wasted money and effort, because it offers a one-size-fits-all approach. A trained professional clinical hypnotist will work with your particular strengths and talents to tailor an approach that will work for you.