Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis? Here Are Some Quit Smoking Hypnosis tips to use Along the Way

Finding a competent clinical quit smoking hypnosis specialist who is experienced in helping smokers escape their nicotine addiction is a great first step toward saying goodbye forever to tobacco; you will go away from those quit smoking hypnosis sessions feeling strong and confident, and with your tobacco craving gone for the time being.

Hypnotic Therapy Quit Smoking

But nobody needs to tell you that smoking is a stubborn habit. It will try to sneak back into your life. Hypnosis gives you a powerful weapon against your addiction, but there are other things you can do as well to make sure you stay tobacco free. We’ve already mentioned some of them in a previous blog. Here are a few more:

You can bet that you aren’t the only one out there who is working to quit smoking. At least one of your friends or family members either wants to quit, or is in the process of quitting—hopefully with the aid of clinical quit smoking hypnosis—or maybe even has quit. Form an alliance with that person. You might make a deal, for instance, that you will talk to each other on the telephone every day, not necessarily for an extended gab session, but just to touch base and give each other some strokes for quitting. Or, if you have the time, get together for coffee, or lunch, or a drink, once a week.

Develop tools for dealing with stress in an active way. Don’t just try to grit it out or hunker down and wait for it to go away. Look at it this way: stress is actually just energy that doesn’t have a place to go. Just trying to reduce it is like swimming upstream; you get tired out, and then the stress is still there. Instead, aim that energy somewhere, do something active with it. Pick up the phone and call someone. Take a quick walk. Mop the bloody floor. Use that energy up.

Avoid sugar as much as you can. Stay away from super sweet drinks, candies, and the like, because they create cravings, and your body has learned over the years to translate those cravings as a need to smoke. No sugar, no cravings, no smoking.

Get a big jar, and every day that you don’t smoke, put five dollars into the jar. You can afford that; not smoking is saving you a lot more than five dollars every day. At the end of each month give yourself permission to do whatever you want with that money—spend it, put it in the bank, donate it to a worthy cause—and enjoy how good that feels.

All of these things are ways that you can begin more and more to put yourself in charge of your life. As you do that, you will be surprised to find yourself feeling more competent and confident in all areas of your life. Enjoy that.