Using a Hypnotherapist to Prepare for Surgery

Not all surgeries give you advance warning that they are going to happen—if you are involved in a bad car accident, for instance, or fall off the ladder and break something.

But more often, you know well in advance if you are going to undergo a surgical procedure. You have plenty of time, maybe more than you want in fact, to plan for it, and to worry about it.

Using a clinical Hypnotherapist offers three ways to help to someone getting ready for surgery.


The first way is what is called hypnotic anesthesia. Once upon a time, chemical anesthesia meant a bottle of whiskey, and worked about as well as you might guess it would. The lucky patients were the ones who had a surgeon or doctor who knew how to use hypnosis; they escaped the pain, and healed faster. Nowadays, chemical anesthesia is the norm for surgical procedures, but there are some people who cannot use it. That’s very rare, but when it happens, a hypnotherapist can offer an alternative.

The prospect of surgery is, for most of us, anxiety provoking. Even if we are assured that it is just “a minor procedure,” at least a part of us is saying, “Yeah, right.” The thought of being unconscious and at some stranger’s mercy is not thrilling. Neither is thinking about how long it might take to recover, and how we will do down the road. Those concerns can interfere with our day-to-day lives, and make everything a little harder to deal with. Getting to sleep at night can be more difficult; getting up in the morning, too.

Obtaining the services of a trained clinical hypnotherapist will make a difference. The very act of going into a comfortable trance does away with anxiety; when you are in a trance you cannot feel anxious or nervous, only relaxed and calm. Add to that the power of positive post-hypnotic suggestion along with some training in self-hypnosis, and those calm feelings with stay with you long after you leave the hypnotist’s office.

Last and best, your hypnotherapist can help you take your trance right into the operating room on the day of your surgery. You can learn, and record, a hypnotic session that will make you immune to stress during the surgery. Some surgeons will allow you to listen to the recording during surgery; but even if you can’t do that you can listen to it just before they wheel you into the OR, so you will be in a trance when the surgery starts. Several studies have shown that being in a comfortable trance during surgery is associated with less bleeding during the procedure, fewer complications during and after surgery, less post-surgical pain, and a faster recovery time overall.

So when you are looking at surgery, think hypnosis.