Using Smoking Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking? These Helpful Tips Will Enhance the Trance

You may have already have been to a clinical hypnotist for smoking hypnotherapy and started the sessions that will wean you from the destructive habit of smoking. You may have scheduled that first appointment but haven‘t gone yet. Or maybe you are still in the “thinking about it” stage.

quit-smoking-hypnosis-brisbane No matter. Wherever you are in the process for smoking hypnotherapy, there are a number of things you can do to make your effort more effective.

First of all, explore your reasons for wanting to stop smoking.

Not why you should stop smoking. You already know those reasons, have for years, and it didn’t help, right? If anything, the minute you told yourself, “I should stop smoking,” your inner rebel snapped right back with, “Don’t tell me what I should do, mate!”

The question that matters is, why do you want to quit? You may have only one reason, or you may have several, ranging anywhere from “My breath stinks,” to “I don’t want to die.”

Now, write those reasons down, or print them out. Make several copies. Put one of those copies on the mirror in the bathroom. Put another one on the inside of your front door. Put others in places where you will see them often, and then, every time you do, read them out loud. It’s easy to do, and it will work.

Next, tell everybody—friends, family, co-workers—that you are quitting. And don’t just tell them once. Brag on yourself just a little bit on a regular basis. This really will make it easier for you to keep from starting up again.

Now, give your house a thorough cleaning. If you have ashtrays in the house, toss them out. Take all your smelly clothes to the cleaners. Any that still stink of tobacco afterwards, and some of them may be so smoke-polluted that they will, toss them out. Do the same with rugs and curtains. This will all cost you some money, but not as much as smoking, especially given the price of cigarettes these days. Once you have got your place thoroughly detoxified, have some friends over and enjoy how they can smell the difference.

Identify your smoking triggers. These are behaviors and situations that have always gone with smoking in your life—having a beer, playing poker, drinking a cup of coffee—and as much as you can, avoid those things.

There are many other things you can do to reinforce your ability to get off the weeds and stay off. We’ll take a look at more of them down the road as you consider using smoking hypnotherapy.