How Long Does It Take To Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Clinic's Guarantee!
                                        Quit Smoking Hypnosis Clinic’s Guarantee!

Most hypnotists doing ‘quit smoking’ work screen for people who are properly motivated and ‘ready’ to quit. They are very concerned with their success rate and therefor refuse to work with clients that are less than 100% ready.

We do our ‘quit smoking’ process with anybody – as long as they themselves declare that they want to quit, After all, we don’t know ahead of time whether they are able to change or not, so we give everyone a chance prove to themselves (and us) that they ready. If, however, we become convinced that we cannot help them – return 100% of their fee, no questions asked.

What is other hypnotists’ motivation for screening people?

Are they just protecting their own ego, because they want to have an almost perfect success rate?

Maybe they think it’s a smart business move to work for ‘success stories’.

Let’s talk a bit about what we can and what you can’t promise people.

We know full well that we cannot promise anybody that they will become a non-smoker at the end of the first session, because I can’t see the future.

If we were make that promise we’d be liars. So, we never promise anybody that they will become a ‘non-smoker’ at the end a particular hypnosis session.

But, we can guarantee them that they can become a ‘non-smoker’. They absolutely can – there is no question about that – because everybody can.

It is just a question how long will it take for them to reach the state of clarity and readiness to quit. It could take one session or ten sessions, but if they don’t abandon our process, they will eventually quit smoking.

There is nothing special or unique about any client; they all can quit smoking.

A lot of people are caught in some mythology as to why it’s going be especially difficult for them to quit smoking. But, we know that here’s nothing inherently special about anybody that means that they cannot stop smoking.

That is a fact that we, hypnotists, know deeply and completely from our understanding and experience of hypnosis.

It’s what we can call an unshakeable truth – and it is a powerful thing!

So, what’s our unshakeable truth?

It isn’t that they will stop smoking today, tomorrow or next week – but, that they absolutely can stop smoking. (And will stop smoking – unless they abandon the process.)

We explain to our clients that we know that they can totally transform their experience of their smoking problem.

Anyone can transcend any habit or behavior; but they must preserver.

Our unshakeable truth is that every client can do it, as long as they continue for as long as it takes.

So, that’s why we work with people other hypnotists would normally have turned away.


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