Quit Smoking Program Stage 2 – UNDERSTANDING


This is a stage, where you are made to understand the mechanism of the “smoking trap” and the precise way to escape from it.

The ‘smoking trap’ is a physiological and psychological trap – and it works in a particular way to keep people caught in the cycle/spiral of nicotine addiction.

To get out of this trap you need to know that;

  • you are caught in a nicotine trap, and
  • how the trap is constructed and how it operates

When you know you’re in a trap and you know how the trap is constructed, how it works, then you are able to make some different decisions and choices.

However, most people’s understanding of smoking and their relationship with cigarettes is incorrect and confused. Their miss-understanding of why they are actually smoking is a big part of what keeps them trapped inside of this smoking addiction cycle.

Our hypno-coaching techniques make it possible to create ‘mind-shift’ that allows you to see through all the mistaken beliefs that smoking really offered the so called benefits of smoking.

When you realise that there was never any real benefits from smoking, you lose all doubts, all inner conflicts disappear and all mental energy and willpower are directed totally towards the intention to quit smoking for life.


You are now ready for the “RE-PROGRAMMING Stage”.
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