Quit Smoking Program Stage 1 – DECISION


Choose, Commit, Announce!

This is the first and perhaps the most important stage of the process. The smoker must have the desire to quit smoking for himself, not to please or impress someone else.

The smoker must make the choice that he/she is done with smoking and I will never smoke again.

What is required here is the absolute decision to stop smoking; a total commitment.

Many people think that commitment is just a feeling and say, well “I don’t feel committed.” But commitment isn’t just a feeling – it’s a choice and a decision.

So, when somebody says, “I’d love to quit”, there’s no commitment there, just wishful thinking.

Quite often at this stage smokers have self-doubts, inner conflicts or fears of failure at this stage.

Those ‘obstacles’ can be removed during the second stage, providing that your intention to quit is genuine.
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